Gruppo TecnoFerrari S.p.A con socio unico
Via Ghiarola Vecchia, 91
41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO), Italy
P.Iva: 01475650352

Why the Academy?

I believe it was Albert Einstain who said:

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of knowledge with which they were created"

I think he is right, for this we need to increase our level of knowledge and preparation, in order to better and faster solve the problems that work puts in front of us.

The TF Academy has this purpose: to make us grow and improve.




My cuggino also does Marketing

All the truth and nothing but the truth about the Marketing we do in TecnoFerrari.

The title is playful, but the goal is serious.

We know that marketing people use weird socks and complicated words to say things that everyone knows, but at TecnoFerrari we do things right, so we have decided that we explain exactly what we really do as a markleting business.

We reveal once and for all the communication strategy and the tools that we will use in the coming months to bring TecnoFerrari to its correct positioning in the market.

Teacher: Claudio Piazzi

THURSDAY 30 JUNE 2022 - 5.00 pm - Meeting Room

Open to all, participation is voluntary and optional.


Logistics, not just in ceramics

Let's take stock of Logistics in what we call Extra Sector.

Within the Tecnoferrari Team there are professionals with years of experience, we asked them to take stock of Logistics outside the Ceramic Sector and to teach us how to face the market and relate to the customer and his needs.

Course program:

The different logistics markets and possible warehouse solutions. - teacher: Simone Cavallini

Management and study of flows and how this activity affects the layout. - teacher: Gianluca Baldi

Best consulting approach to use with the prospect. - teacher: Nicolò Ronchetti.

It is an opportunity to try to find a new name for a market that, perhaps somewhat simplistically, we call Extra Sector.

Participation is reserved for the Sales, Lay-out and Proposal Teams.

TUESDAY 5 JULY 2022 - 3.00 pm - Meeting Room.

THURSDAY 7 JULY 2022 - 3.00 pm - Meeting Room.



Project Management Course

with Ing. Pier Paolo Parenti

The CHOICE and the Examina

With Luca Montecchi we discover the state of the art of Examina and of the department dedicated to choice.

General overview on Examina and the CHOICE department.

It aims to share where we are in the development of the machines, the state of health of the market in that particular sector and to put some fixed points for the communication and commercial development that TecnoFerrari intends to implement in the coming months.

the update will be coordinated by Luca Montecchi.

THURSDAY 17 JULY 2022 - 5.00 pm - Meeting Room.

Open to all, participation is voluntary and optional.

The aim of the course is to fully understand the pillars of the methodology and view various case histories of other companies and draw best practices from them.

Each training session will last 4 hours, will be organized with a first theoretical part which aims to present and discuss the different methodologies related to Project Management, followed by a practical-application phase of the methodology through the use of different single and group tools.

The course is part of the internal training for figures who will be invited to participate directly. Dates and times are communicated later

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